Our Process

Our extensive experience has helped us build a proven framework to execute excellent events every time. From Pre-Event to Post-Event, Paragon Events covers all of the bases and leaves nothing to chance. Explore below for a detailed look at our process.

Step 1 – Developing the Plan

process-1 copy

We meet with our client to discuss the purpose and goals of the meeting. We assist with budget development and provide hotel site research, including a detailed Site Report with room rates, taxes, hotel ratings, food and beverage prices, description of hotel, and surrounding area attractions. We then develop a communication plan for print and email. We offer data entry services and facilitation of online registration, including development of registration materials tailored to your specific meeting. With our travel agency license, we also offer airline reservations and management of your entire trip- for you, your staff and your clients.We will help develop the meeting agenda and any social activities. Our in-house graphics department will support your brand through all digital and printed materials associated with your event, from the save the date to the program book, signage and additional collateral. Research for audio/visual, transportation, guest speakers, social activities, teambuilding events, hotel and off-premise menus are all part of our turnkey package. Budgets are prepared and submitted to the client for approval. An accounting of all registration and/or sponsorship fees is provided throughout the registration process. Two weeks prior to the meeting, event attendees will receive a confirmation message containing all pertinent data related to the event and travel logistics.

Step 2 – On site…We Facilitate and Execute

process-1 copyUpon arrival at the hotel, attendees can receive registration packets that include the meeting agenda, custom name badges, workshop assignments, social activities and any other information you wish to convey. We offer on-site supervision of all food and beverage, audio/visual setup, meeting specifications, VIP arrangements and implementation of the agenda. We provide a fully staffed registration/hospitality desk that services all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and guest speakers, as well as a full service message center with phone, fax, typing and clerical assistance as required.

Step 3 – That’s Not All…We’re Not Done Yet

process-3 copy Paragon Events’ staff gathers post-event evaluation forms on site and tallies, organizes comments and provides the overall report to the client. We reconcile all vendor invoices and review and finalize hotel invoices. We submit a final invoice with an itemized spreadsheet. We schedule a post-conference meeting with you to review the meeting/event and submit recommendations for the following year’s event or meeting. We send out a thank you note on behalf of our client to guest speakers, VIPS and key providers. The next step is starting the process again for your next successful meeting or event!