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Paragon Events is proud to offer internship opportunities to qualified Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate students seeking a challenging internship that provides real world experience. Our program is high paced and built to mimic the needs that would be requested of you as a real world event planner, accountant or marketing professional. There is no experience like the well-rounded, hands-on experience Paragon Events provides. We are thrilled to be called an Internship of Excellence, having accepted students from University of Miami, Brown University, and the University of Florida to name a few.

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Internship Opportunities

Event Management Internship:

Interns accepted into the program will learn the in’s and out’s of planning an event from Pre-Event to Post-Event. Interns will be required to think on their feet, exhibit time management and organization skills as well as meet deadlines. Our interns are taught how to research hotels, create proposals and RFP’s, how to create and manage timelines and agendas, build online registrations and manage databases. A few additional tasks will include: A/V selection, speaker contracting, room diagrams, transportation contracting, budgeting and other general office work. At the halfway point of the internship, students will begin to plan their own incentive trip from start to finish with assistance as needed. This is a great item to add to a personal portfolio and helps to implement what students have learned in a real life scenario. Please keep in mind, this is NOT a full list of projects/tasks.

Accounting Internship:

Interns accepted into the program will learn a great deal about real world accounting. They will handle multiple bank accounts, reconciliations, client jobs, postings, invoices and learn proper tax and general business procedures. Interns will also touch upon corporate renewals, tax exemption forms and general business reports (depending on the time of year.) You will be taught accounting for multiple companies, so this is a fast-paced position that requires attention to detail and a high level of organization.

Communications Internship:

Interns accepted into the program will learn how to effectively market a company through social media and online marketing, while assisting with the implementation and management of social media campaigns. Interns will assist in the promotion of Paragon Events Inc. using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Blogger as well as email and phone blasting campaigns. Applicants interested in marketing, public relations, promotion and photography should apply. Preferred degree track: Communications, Marketing and/or Photography. Applicants must have a basic knowledge of all social media platforms. Tasks include but are not limited to: Internet research, database management, taking pictures around the office and at events and other venues, writing for articles and photo captions, photo uploading, and other miscellaneous tasks needed. All pictures and campaign materials can be added to your personal portfolio. This internship will provide real world experience on how to publicize a company using social media and the world wide web, as well as assist you in building your resume and portfolio.