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Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education (CEU) Initiatives and Programs

Paragon Events works in collaboration with health care organizations and hospitals through their Management Teams and Medical Staff Committees to design coordinate and facilitate CME/CEU Programs. We oversee the entire program design and development including: speaker recruitment, completion and submission of CME/CEU applications and onsite oversight of each of these programs which can range in length from one-day seminars to week long educational symposiums. Paragon Events has been successful in providing different venues with CME/CEU programs that have informed, educated and offered networking forums for the health care provider and health care professional community all of whom have different specialties, areas of expertise and varying educational needs. These events are held in pleasant, comfortable environments that foster ongoing dialogue between the speakers and participants.

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Grant/Sponsorship Funding

Paragon Event staff will work with the host organizations to identify potential funding sources, write and submit grant applications and work with identified sponsors to secure their “in kind” or financial participation. Paragon Events completes all required financial forms and submitted documents to the accrediting and/or funding organizations.

Together, our past conference management services, marketing and public relations expertise demonstrate Paragon Events’ effectiveness in the coordination, administration, and management of events of all sizes and requirements, including those programs requiring continuing education credits.

Our Clients Represent

  • Regional and State Government Organizations
  • Medical Centers
  • Not for Profit Health Care & Social Service Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Societies and Associations

Grant & Sponsorship Services

Paragon Events works collaboratively with organizations in the planning, development and submission of grants that meet the strategic goals of the organization and align with funders’ priorities. We will also work in tandem with the management and/or assigned project team members to determine what resources will be needed to achieve the proposed initiative’s goals and objectives.

Grant Funding Research

  • Identify and analyze upcoming grants
  • Request for Proposals (RFPs) and funding opportunities from state, federal and private funding sources that align with the organization’s initiatives, needs and goals
  • Develop a detailed report of grant competitions for which the organization is eligible that will address its stated goals and objectives

Grant Proposal Development

  • Provide general grant proposal writing services associated with the completion of grant applications on the behalf of an organization
  • Preparation of funding abstracts, project narrative, budget and other required documents
  • Submit applications to funding sources, if requested, provide additional information and monitor its progress
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“If we could all take care of our patients the way they take care of us- WOW! Our statistics would improve tremendously! Paragon Events is the most service-driven organization I have ever encountered.”