home_tableEcoVents, a Division of Paragon Events

As people become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing need to answer the question: How can I help make my event environmentally conscious in an industry known for waste? From pre-event to post-event, there are many deliverable options that will take minimal time and energy while providing a great result and, in many cases, saving money.

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With the stewardship of Francesca Radabaugh, this division will continue to focus on bringing the Paragon Events standard of excellence to its clients’ events, while adding an eco-friendly spotlight.

Through internet-based communications, online registration, responsible transportation and the use of local suppliers and vendors, Paragon Events has developed a plan to be environmentally responsible while still providing all of the bells and whistles that our clients have come to expect. There is no initiative too big or small, and even the smallest change can bring big results.

Paragon Events can help:

  • Skip the paper and go digital through online registrations and meeting materials
  • Reduce unnecessary waste
  • Transport attendees responsibly
  • Utilize name badges with less environmental cost
  • Reduce event costs and wasted dollars
  • Reduce and offset your carbon footprint
  • Spread the word about your organization’s green initiative and good deeds

This is just a sampling of things that Paragon Events can do to legitimize your events’ green initiative and start you on the path of responsible use. From pre-event to post-event, we have Eco-Friendly solutions that will work for you. Call Paragon Events to discuss your current events, greening goals and for a complimentary assessment of how you could improve your events’ carbon footprint.