5 Excellent Email Marketing Tips to Engage Your Audience!

30 Mar 2017, Posted by Paragon Events in Uncategorized
Email Marketing Tips

Engage your email list with these 5 tips!

  1. Be sure your email is legible on mobile devices! 51% of views are on mobile, send a test email or use a mobile preview to ensure visibility.
  2. Make it easy for viewers to understand what they are supposed to do in less than 5 seconds. People make a decision whether to view or delete in 1-5 seconds, make your content clear and concise; include action buttons.
  3. Send what your customer wants to see! Do not just share info about you all the time. Send things that will entertain or educate your audience. Think: ‘what do they want to see’, not ‘what could we tell them about us’.
  4. Use a mixture of text, buttons and images. 80% delete, and 30% of viewers unsubscribe when they cannot see an email. Avoid sending one large image, instead, aim to use 3 images, no more than 25 lines of text and include 3 links.
  5. Encourage action! Use buttons, video links, or links to documents. Always link images instead of, or in addition to text, or use buttons. Videos engage more people than any other kind of content!